Our Storybook Collection consists of homes that are usually under 2500 square feet. They have a mystical feel about them that seems as though they were picked right from the inside of your favorite tale. Unique ornamentation is added to this collection making them stand out. Warm and cozy spaces come together for amazing,quaint masterpieces. Just the right size home for your gathering.

Our Story Book Collections are available for purchase at $.50 cents a square foot of conditioned space.

Revision services are available to customize the home to your needs. Revisions are bid based on what you are requesting and the amount of time we feel it will take to revise the plan. Some revisions require minimal work and some more depending on how much the revision effects the structure of the home. To request a quote send us your needs in detail of what you would like to revise and we will give you a range minimum to maximum for the changes. Feel free to contact us and discuss what you would like. 417-581-6057

Click on a thumbnail to view the entire series

Click on a thumbnail to view the entire series